Welcome to J. Parfitt Dental Laboratory

Having been established for over 15 years, J Parfitt Dental Laboratory pride themselves on their high quality dentures and careful attention to detail. Creating dentures for both private and the National Health Service they are renowned throughout the area for their exceptional work and professional, efficient service.

We are a BPS certified laboratory. The BPS brand brings together superb denture teeth, accurate injection mouldings techniques and exceptional quality. We use a Candulor aesthetic colour set to ensure that the emphasis is placed on the natural appearance of our dentures in terms of both tissue and tooth staining. Every element has been thoroughly thought out, right through to the finished denture which is presented to the patient in its own protective case along with a cleaning kit and Ivoclar Vivadent's famous guarantee against excessive tooth wear.

Member of the Dental Technologists Association  Member of the Dental Laboratories Association  Ivoclar Vivadent BPS certified  Member of the Federation of Small Businesses  Member of the British Institute of Dental and Surgical Technologists
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